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BERNIE British International Prep, fondly known by our students and parents as BERNIE, is a British Curriculum at Early Years, Kindergarten & Preschool for children aged 18 months to 6 years old. After working as a Head Teacher and Teacher in the UK and in various International Schools for the past 28 years and having worked in schools of varying sizes, from large to small international schools, it became very apparent that to make BERNIE an outstanding school, we had to stand out from the others in a way that is intrinsic to our vision, mission and educational beliefs.

Our aim is to create happy, caring children who have a genuine love for school, learning and life!

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A truly great choice for children and parents.



“We consider this school as one of the best Kindergarten and Preschool in Bangkok especially for those who live in Eastern of Bangkok. Great teachers and staffs who are friendly, helpful,Introduce and encourage different types of learning styles and keen to teach and taking care of your lovely child. Great place, Great environment and Great atmosphere for your child to improve skills. We strongly recommend this school”Ndol's Parents
“Very warm and caring for our boy, like our second home”Deva's Parents
“BERNIE is a perfect place for young children. The teachers are really caring and understand child development. Our two children learn a lot and enjoy school everyday”Saran's and Sarita's Parents
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