About Bernie


Where learning and fun are always combined

Many people underestimate the importance of learning for young children and often wait until the ‘formal years’ of education to start before they consider their children’s education. At BERNIE British International prep, we are experienced in helping care and nurture children to develop the skills and knowledge they will need to help them in the very young years of their lives.
BERNIE British International Prep has been set up to help all children aged 18 months to 6 years old in the development of these skills. There are many ways in which children will learn in the early stages of their lives. It is well known that we learn more in our earliest years than we do for the whole of our lifetimes: learning to walk, learning to put connect words, learning to process ideas, how to use our bodies, the list is endless. Our aim at BERNIE British International Prep is to be a part of the children’s development of these skills, from physical development to social skills, from language aptitude to emotional development, from developing their creativity to helping them unfold their cognitive abilities, all through the medium of English.

Learning, no matter which age or stage, MUST be a wonderful, exciting and fun adventure for all children. BERNIE provides a quality learning experience for all children which will prepare them for the best possible start in life.