What makes BERNIE British International Prep
stand out and what makes us outstanding?

The IDEAL for your child!

There are various places in Bangkok for parents to send their child for learning and life skills development. A Parent’s decision in choosing the right place for your child is becoming increasingly more challenging. This is such an important decision for any parent. We would like to explain as concisely as possible what makes our BERNIE different.

  • Our small environment allows us to communicate closely and regularly with parents to help develop our children’s needs.
  • All children are individually observed the whole day even when they play. This allows us to continuously assess their individual skills and needs.
  • We fully understand that every child is different, with different strengths, skills and needs, therefore our planning is directly tailored to suit the needs of individual children and the skills they need to develop in their ‘young life’.
  • Parents are involved in the planning process with regards to their child’s developments and to their specific needs; BERNIE is an extension to the home environment and we are here to listen to and support parents in meeting the social, physical and emotional needs of your child.
  • We believe that all young children need to learn to play and use play to learn.
  • We have a limit on the number of children and this will be capped at 35 children throughout. This allows us to keep our true ethos of child development and care for the individual child and their needs.
  • Cost effective English-medium child development.