Admissions Procedure

Administration and Safety Purposes

Parents are asked to make an appointment to visit the school which can be arranged through the school office. At this time we will give you all of the relevant information about our curriculum and individual learning programmes for your child. We will also be delighted to show you around the school to offer you an insight into our way of teaching and learning.
After our initial discussions, we will ask that your child joins the relevant class for a short period of time so that our teachers can conduct an initial observation/assessment of your child. The main reason for this observation is so that we can understand a little more about your child: how they socialize with the other children; and any specific areas we are able to work on with them.
The Head Teacher will then met with the parents after the observation to discuss our observations and ways we can best help the needs of your child.
When a child is accepted into BERNIE British International Prep, all parents are required to complete the school’s Registration Form which will be available in the office. A Registration Fee is then required to secure a place in school.
  • Two passport-size photos of your child
  • One passport-size photo of parents
  • One passport-size photo of any adult who will collect your child from school
  • A copy of your child’s birth certificate or passport
  • A copy of your child’s medical & vaccination record
  • A copy of a doctor’s certificate, if applicable, for us to be able to help your child
  • Your child’s most recent school report, if applicable
  • The Tuition Fee must then be paid two weeks prior to either:
  • Your child starting school, if this is during term-term
  • Two weeks before the end of the current term if your child starts in the following term.

Communication between Parents & School

Once your child starts school a partnership with our parents is very important to us. We understand the need for parents to be kept up to-date with your child’s progress, therefore we will:

  • Have various forms of daily communications with parents, individually and as a group, which we will share with you upon your child starting school. This will hopefully reassure you on how your child is settling into their new school environment.
  • Be available to meet with parents both in the morning and after school to talk about any daily needs of your child.
  • Meet with the parents after a two-week period to discuss the progress your child has made and discuss how together we can help them in their next steps of learning.
  • Give all parents an individual Planning schedule of all of the skills we will work on with your child throughout each half-tem and will be available to discuss these with you.
  • Write ‘formal’ reports for your child at the end of each Term. In Terms One and Two these reports will highlight the progress your child has made throughout the term and their next steps of learning. At the end of Term Three, you will be given an End of Year Report highlighting your child’s progress in all areas throughout the school year.